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Enjoy our assortment of local cheeses, local chocolates, custom vinegar, Chateau wine aged salami, local maple syrup and more.  Available for on site consumption or bring home and spice up your next meal.

Charcuterie Platter - A combination of our cheese, salami, and Mediterranean platters. Serves 4-6. 

Flatbread - Basil pesto spread, with sun-dried tomatoes, feta cheese, and a balsamic reduction drizzle. Serves 1-2. 

Mediterranean Platter - Hummus, with naan flatbread, prosciutto, salami, dates, and an olive/caper medley. Serves 2-3 

Paninis - Your choice of a turkey or pastrami Panini, served with chips and salsa. Serves 1-2.

Cheese Platter - Six cheeses with craisins, apples, apricots, and crackers. Serves 1-2.  

Salami Platter - A spread of Genoa and Italian dry salami with olives and crackers. Serves 1-2. 

Brie and Jam - Brie with lingonberry jam, dates, and spiced nuts. Serves 1-2. 

Large Pretzel - A warm pretzel with your choice of mustard or beer cheese dip. Serves 1-2. 

Chips and Salsa - Tortilla chips served with mango salsa. Serves 1-2. 

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Our Deli closes 30 minutes prior to the winery tasting room closing.  Please plan your visit accordingly.

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