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We invite you to visit the winery and listen to live music while you relax on our patio or in our art gallery. Most Saturdays from Mid-May to Mid-October and on special event days we will host live music. Music pairs perfectly with Chateau wine and a picturesque view!


Saturday, May 7th (Kentucky Derby Party) - Scrapegoat 2-5 PM. 

Saturday, May 14th (Maple Syrup Festival) - Andy Spofford & Two Doors Down 2-5 PM. 

Sunday, May 15th (Maple Syrup Festival) - Severio Mancieri 2-5 PM. 

Saturday, May 21st (St. Croix Arts Festival) - Andy Peterson Quartet 1-4 PM, Kaleb Montgomery 4:30-6:30 PM. 


Saturday, June 4th (Barrel Tasting) - Ethan Bergstrom 2-5 PM. 

Saturday, June 11th - Dustin DeGoiler 

Saturday, June 18th (Bean Bag Tournament) - Scrapegoat 2-5 PM. 

Saturday, June 25th (Blues, BBQ, & Car Show) - PK Mayo 12-2:30 PM, Big Mike Mothershed: Retro Soul & West Side Horn 3-6 PM

Sunday, June 26th (Blues & BBQ) - Pony 2-5 PM. 


Saturday, July 2nd (4th of July Sangria Party) - Afterhours Band with James Pope 2-5 PM. 

Sunday, July 3rd (4th of July Sangria Party) - Scrapegoat 2-5 PM. 

Saturday, July 9th (Original Music Festival) - Kaleb Montgomery, Reynold Philipsek, Scrapegoat ALL DAY 

Sunday, July 10th (Original Music Festival) - Andy Spofford & More TBA. ALL DAY 

Saturday, July 16th - John Wright & Galactic Cowboy Orchestra 2-5 PM. 

Saturday, July 23rd (Jazz Festival) - Andy Peterson Quartet 11:30 AM-2:30 PM, Jazz Bridge Project 3-6 PM. 

Sunday, July 24th (Jazz Festival) - Dustin DeGoiler & The Indigo Jazz Quartet 2-5 PM 

Saturday, July 30th - Woodland 2-5 PM. 


Saturday, August 6th - Severio Mancieri 2-5 PM. 

Saturday, August 13th - Dustin DeGoiler & Bare Minimum 2-5 PM. 

Saturday, August 20th - Charlie Parr 4-9 PM. 

Saturday, August 27th (Bluegrass Festival) - Lindula Brothers 12-2 PM, King Wilkies Dream 2-5 PM. 

Sunday, August 28th (Bluegrass Festival) - Scrapegoat 2-5 PM.  


Saturday, September 3rd - Letho & Wright 2-5 PM. 

Saturday, September 10th (Grape Stomp) - Kaleb Montgomery 12-3 PM, Andy Spofford 4-7 PM. 

Sunday, September 11th (Grape Stomp) - Scrapegoat 2-5 PM. 

Saturday, September 17th (Car Show) - Laura Velvet 2-5 PM. 

Sunday, September 18th - Andy Spofford 2-5 PM. 

Saturday, September 24th (Harvest Festival) - Severio Mancieri 12-2 PM, Funktion Junction 3-6 PM.

Sunday, September 25th (Harvest Festival) - Ethan Bergstrom 2-5 PM. 


Saturday, October 1 (Oktoberfest Weekend 1) - Severio Mancieri 12-2 PM. POLKA BAND TBA 

Sunday, October 2 (Oktoberfest Weekend 1) - Jolly Zuks 

Saturday, October 15 (Oktoberfest Weekend 2) - Scrapegoat 11-1:30PM, GARY'S RIDGELAND DUTCHMEN 2-6 PM

Sunday, October 16 (Oktoberfest Weekend 2) - GARY'S RIDGELAND DUTCHMEN 1-5 PM. 

Saturday, October 22 - Andy Spofford 2-5 PM. 

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